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Your Fingerprint is Still Yours

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

In 1892, Juan Vucetich, a police officer in Argentina, became the first police officer to successfully use fingerprints to identify the culprit in a criminal case. Prior to his application of the idea, dozens before him documented theories of unique biometric data, but Vucetich is credited with the first application of the concept.

Did Vucetich “invent” the fingerprint? Of course not! The fingerprint is no one’s invention, it’s a reality. And his predecessors spent hundreds of years of progressive research, development, and application to allow Vucetich to make a policing breakthrough.

Our work is no different. We build upon the ideas of the past to create new ways of applying “common knowledge.” Eventually, its application is not common and may look more like a breakthrough.

Our voices and perspectives – like our fingerprints – are totally unique to us. No one before us, and no one after will be the same.

This is a sustainable competitive advantage. Finding, honing, and amplifying our voices is perhaps the strongest advantage we have as service providers because no one can directly compete!

Our job is to continue to cultivate, refine, and share our voices with anyone who will listen.