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You might be the roadblock

I’ve been watching a sometimes-funny-and-sometimes-awful show called Schitt’s Creek with my wife. It’s about a wealthy family who loses everything except a small town they bought, where they’re forced to live in a dilapidated motel.

(small spoiler coming, in case you care)

They somehow find a buyer for the town, which is their golden ticket to move back home and get out of the rundown town for good.

As they sit eating dinner with the buyer, who plans to sign the paperwork during the meal, the sellers say way too much. They try to impress him, tell him what a great deal he’s getting, and even try to negotiate for a higher price right as he’s signing.

Little did they know, they were wasting precious time.

As fate would have it – and since it’s sitcom – the buyer dies on the spot before he could sign the contract, and the family’s hopes of leaving Schitt’s Creek are dashed.

Contrived a situation as it may be, there’s a valuable lesson about selling in here. The goal of the sales process isn’t to gain acceptance, or show dominance. The goal of the sales process is to turn the curious into clients.

As soon as a potential client has made their mind up to work with you…get out of the way! There’s no need to continue the sale, just let them sign your contract, or pay your fee, or however you commence doing business with them.

Anything you say after your client has made the decision to work with you both endangers the sale, and wastes precious time that you could be using to get a signed contract.

Don’t say too much. Don’t waste time.

You might contribute to killing your own client.