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Why People Buy: Part 4, Possibility

Why People Buy: Part 4, Possibility

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

Lurking within all of us is unrealized potential.

Perhaps it’s dormant. Perhaps it’s not yet activated.

There it sits, waiting to rush up to the surface, defiant of our self-doubt.

What potential exists inside of you? And what would you give to transform your potential into excellence?

Quite a lot, probably. And so would everyone else.

That’s why people buy possibility. An allure of possibility is that we can’t know how much of it is locked away. It might be limitless.

Like every person, businesses also have possibility lurking somewhere unseen. Businesses are made up of people, after all, and those people also have unrealized potential.

If you can identify possibility within a business, and create a plan to make it materialize, the value you bring is exponentially greater.

If you can show your prospects possibility, and how much of it might exist, selling is easy.

Everyone wants to buy that.