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Why People Buy: Part 2, Transformation

Why People Buy: Part 2, Transformation

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
2 min read

I’m an avid process wonk. I geek out on how to build a process that increases quality, speed, and efficiency. Yes, I was born this way.

One of the ways I manage my processes is with Trello. It’s a great tool, but it’s not quite geeky enough for me because it doesn’t include any automation (though I know I could set it up manually in Zapier). Stick with me here: Trello helps me build processes, but it doesn’t go far enough for my taste.

As a result, I’m looking into other solutions, and Pipefy is at the top of the list. It would allow me to “set and forget” processes that would automatically email people, add new checklists at different stages of the process, and even ping freelancers I use to make all of my content. It’s amazing.

But why do I want such geeky and complicated processes to be executed? Well, as I pointed out yesterday, the biggest reason is to reach a better future.

What’s in the future though?

A transformation.

I’m a prolific publisher with leading ideas, but they’re not yet consumed by millions of people. It’s a long journey to get there, but I’d better be consistent and efficient to reach my goal.

Liston of today occupies a tiny corner of the internet. Liston of the future helps millions of freelancers and consultants sell with confidence and build the businesses they’ve always wanted. That is the transformation I want, and that’s why I buy.

People Buy Transformation

The most obvious example of selling transformation is in weight loss and surgery products. Everyone wants to feel confident in their physical appearance, and they want confidence as soon as possible. Losing weight or becoming more fit creates a tangible physical transformation (though I’d strongly argue that’s only one source of happiness or confidence). The transformation can be seen in the mirror.

Since you sell yourself, your services, and your products, let’s look at a service company.

Blue Wolf is a leading provider of Salesforce implementations and other wizardry. Their buyers don’t strictly want Salesforce implementation, they want a more efficient organization that runs like clockwork. Or perhaps Blue Wolf clients want the ability to pinpoint weak points in their sales process to make incremental improvements every month or quarter. Blue Wolf isn’t really in the business of providing Salesforce consulting, they’re in the business of organizational transformation, enabled by their Salesforce skills. Blue Wolf’s clients want to become the organizations (or departments) they’ve always known they could be. They just need some help to get there.

As an aside, if you sell to the enterprise, note that you’ll need to sell slightly different transformations to your influencers and buyers. For instance, the VP of Sales may want a 10% increase in quarterly revenue, but the CEO may want to boost the stock price.

What sort of transformation do you provide to your clients?