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Why People Buy: Part 10, Productivity

Why People Buy: Part 10, Productivity

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

I couldn’t manage everything I do without Todoist. It’s the brain behind my one-time and recurring tasks. It’s amazing. I can’t say enough good things about it.

For $28 a year, it’s an absolute steal. It helps me get more done in the time I have.

People buy productivity.

Buying Todoist on its own doesn’t make me more productive. I have to know how to useTodoist, and I have to use it. It’s a tool, a small piece of a bigger solution.

I sell coaching and training so freelancers and consultants can sell with confidence. I’m partially selling productivity and skill development. People want more revenue, sure, but they also want more sales from the leads they already have. They want to be more efficient in their conversations and interactions.

If you get 8 hours of sleep per night, you only have 16 waking hours.

We all want to be as efficient and effective in those 16 hours as possible. Productivity allows us to be both faster and accomplish more, which allows for other, more emotional transformations we can make. Like making tomorrow better than today.

That’s why we buy productivity.