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Why I Email Daily

Why I Email Daily

I write and email a new article every day. “What’s up with that?,” you may ask.

I get it. Receiving a daily email can be tiresome, and you’re busy doing other things. You may also be wondering how I could possible expect you to read an email from the likes of me every single day. Here’s my answer:

I don’t.

I don’t expect you to read every email. I don’t expect every email to be a smash hit. I don’t expect that you’ll even tolerate this volume of email from anyone, let alone me. But I do it anyway. Which begs the question: why?

Spoiler alert: it’s pretty selfish of me.

I’ve wrestled with this one quite a bit. On the one hand, I work my butt off to be interesting enough to grab your attention, get your email address, and deliver something valuable to your inbox. Seriously – it’s really hard work, and I’ve done it mostly organically, and it’s damn hard. I’ve even had public arguments with my friend Philip on our Offline podcast about why publishing daily is exhausting for the recipient.

On the other hand, my best writing and thinking comes from the disciplined practice of a writing habit. The more I write, the better my ideas. The more I write, the more I look for good ideas and interesting angles. The more I write, the higher the quality of the products and services I provide.

I have something to say because I’m committed to saying something.

Now, my job is to think and apply that thinking in a way that’s valuable to my clients. At the core of it, any expertise-driven business is powered by thinking. In mine, I expect that my thinking causes you to evaluate, question, and ultimately improve your performance and/or your business. That’s the point of all of this. And the only way I can improve the quality, quantity, and impact of my thinking is to do more of it in a disciplined way.

That’s why a daily writing habit is so important.

Writing also happens to be the single most important business skill anyone can develop. It’s free to transmit my writing and thinking to the entire world, so it’d better be good.

That’s why I write daily, but that doesn’t necessitate a daily publishing or emailing habit. True.

But here’s the thing: daily publishing is an accountability mechanism for me. If I promise you a daily post, and you don’t receive it, I’ve broken a promise. I’m also a creature of habit and thrive on routines and habits. I go to the gym five days a week. Sometimes I don’t make it, but my attendance rate is over 95%. I exercise every single day without fail. Exercise is that important.

If writing is truly a valuable skill, then it should be practiced and there should be accountability.

As I write more often, I tackle ideas that are worth exploring. I explore them in subsequent writing sessions to go deeper. Perhaps my writing will provoke some thoughts in you, which may provoke a response to my email, which may create a conversation between you and me, which may start a new relationship. That seems pretty good to me too.

And finally, writing clarifies my thinking. My wife will tell you that I talk endlessly about my business. The reason I do it isn’t because I think she’s dying to hear more, it’s because it helps me process and understand what’s happening. When I write, I’m having a conversation with you, but I’m also having a conversation with me. This internal dialogue results in the words you’re reading on the page. And since you’re not here to ask me clarifying questions about anything I write, it’d better be clear, well-structured, and flow logically. Otherwise I might as well be writing in Esperanto.

As my thinking is clarified, so too is my speaking. So too is my strategy. So too is my business, and the problems I solve for my clients, and the problems I can solve for you. Writing and publishing daily makes me better at my job, and hopefully makes you better at yours.

If daily emails are too much for you, it’s okay, you can unsubscribe from my email list, and instead listen to my podcast, follow me on LinkedIn, or just be done with me completely. It’s okay, no hard feelings. If you decide to come back, I’ll be here whenever you’re ready.

And if you decide to stick around, I’ll be here for you too. Thanks for reading.