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When to Hike Without a Map

One of my favorite things to do is go for hikes with my wife.

Sometimes we take a map so we know exactly where we’re going.

Sometimes we don’t look at a map. We just say “this looks cool and we’ll just turn around if we don’t like where we’re going.”

Hiking with a map gives us more certainty about where we’re going. We know how long the hike is, and what we’ll see along the way. We know the difficulty. And we know the route we’re going to talk: loop, out and back, one way, or lollipop.

Hiking without a map is a totally different experience. The reason to hike without a map is for the sport of it – just for the experience.

Having a sales process is like handing a map to your potential client. They’ll know where they’re going and what to expect along the way.

Not having a sales process means no map. But I can assure you, your potential clients don’t get into a sales conversation “just for the experience.”