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What You Know Is Insightful

I keep learning a lesson over and over again, and it never ceases to surprise me.

I know things other people don’t know.

It’s weird. And what’s even stranger is that people want to know things I know. They want me to share with them, they want it delivered in a way that only I can do it, and they want to stay tuned in to hear more of what I can share.

I don’t say this out of narcissism, but rather out of proof. People tell me they value what I have to say.

Here’s the other thing: I don’t consider myself special or exceptional.

That means that you have insights that would help other people, too. And they want to hear from you.

Once you start sharing, you learn a lot about the value of what you have to say.

Do it in your marketing, do it in your selling, and share selflessly with everyone you meet.