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What We Sell

For many people, there can be a ton of resistance to the idea of selling anything. Steven Pressfield talks about The Resistance when he writes, and I believe it exists for many freelancers, too.

Some call it imposter syndrome. Others call it simply fear. And still others say it’s that we were taught not to talk about money from a very early age. All of these are true.

But what we sell isn’t just our services for money. We sell much more than that.

We sell our diagnosis of a problem.

We sell our approach to solving the problem.

We sell the process within our approach.

We sell the deliverables as we imagine them in their most perfect form.

We sell ideas for improving our clients’ situations. Often, they’re ideas our clients couldn’t conceive of on their own.

We sell our experience.

We sell our most precious work and hope it lands well.

It’s tempting to focus on the hard parts of selling. Namely, asking for money in exchange for the work we do. But we already sell so much, and sell it successfully. Further developing our sales skills can only serve to make us better at every aspect of our jobs.