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What Hip-Hop Can Teach You About Business

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

I recently joined a new mastermind group with some friends, and some new faces too. All of them have enviable businesses. All of them are proactively improving their businesses.

Being part of this group means picking up a lot of tactics, tips, and strategies. Not all of these strategies can be applied to my own business, but understanding the thought process behind them is the important part.

Hip-hop is all about borrowing from others. I won’t retrace the history of hip-hop, but various technologies over the years have enabled the backing music we now call “beats.”

Producers sample pieces of other songs to make something new. They reimagine what was a two-second clip of a forgotten bass line, and turn it into a #1 hit.

Learning from others about your business works the same way. Collect the information, use some of it, and throw away some. The goal isn’t to apply what you learn and try to duplicate another business, but to make it your own.