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Well That Backfired…

Have you ever talked to someone who believed something that was clearly and provably wrong, but nothing would change their mind about it?

Me too. I’ve even been that person, and you probably have to.

It’s called the backfire effect, and it goes like this according to Wikipedia:

The reaction to disconfirming evidence by strengthening one’s previous beliefs.

In other words, when someone’s presented evidence that demonstrates they’re wrong about something, it has the opposite effect. To them, any new evidence is further proof that they’re right!

Occasionally you’ll have conversations with potential clients who fall victim to this vicious bias. One way to prevent it from happening is to bring up common objections and answer them before your potential client has a chance to bring them up.

So for instance, one of the most common objections you’re likely to hear is “How will I know that I’ll actually get results?” Instead of waiting to hear it from your potential clients, you might say something like:

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Will this actually work?” And it’s a great question. One of my best clients asked the same thing, and we were able to give them a 3x increase in sales pipeline within 90 days. Plus your engagement with us is guaranteed for 30 days.

Rather than waiting for your potential client to share their assumptions and then defend them, anticipating a common objection is a great way to prevent the backfire effect from upending your sales process.