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Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
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For more information on remote selling and a complete list of links mentioned in this podcast, visit this remote selling article on our website.

Welcome to The Show:

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Welcome to Modern Sales, a podcast for entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople looking to have more and better conversations with their perfect clients. You’ll get a healthy scoop of psychology, behavioral economics, and sales studies to help you create win-win relationships. I’m your host, Liston Witherill, and I’m pleased to welcome you to Modern Sales.

My name’s Liston Witherill, and I help consultants sell their expertise with confidence. Now, I want to cover just kind of the basics of why in the heck do we need another podcast, why should I be producing another podcast, and most importantly why in the heck should you be listening. Well, if you’re a consultant or a business owner of a professional services firm, I think you’ve probably noticed that the direct path for you to get more revenue and grow your business comes through marketing and sales. And yet, so much of the selling advice out there is not created for people like us. Most of the selling advice is focused on selling products, selling lower end things. It’s not created for people who need to sell based on high trust and having a highly credible profile in their marketplace.

So what I’ve set out to do is change the way that we sell our services and completely change the way that you think about selling. This really comes down to my number one rule of sales, which is I want people to serve and not sell. What I mean by that is occasionally you’ll be in situations where you’re on the phone with a prospect, you’re talking to someone who is seeking help for the problem in their life and to cure some of those awful, awful things that come along with the problem. And what I want you to do in those situations is think about how you can serve that person, not what you can sell them.

Now, this is a very, very big mindset shift and it’s something that I may get a little preachy about from time to time, in full disclosure, so just keep that in mind. However, it does absolutely change the entire dynamic of how you approach your business, of how you speak to clients, of how you speak to potential clients, and of the pressure that you and the other person feel along the way when you’re in a selling situation.

Now, there’s something bigger going on here, too, and that is that half of the entire population of the United States will be self-employed contractors or consultants within the next 10 years. Now what that tells me is that business is changing rapidly. I really am interested in all of this stuff happening with blockchain and cryptocurrency not because I think it’s going to completely change the way we exchange money necessarily, but what it’s going to do is remove middlemen. The big thing to think about there is we’ve already seen this trend where companies are going away from employment and toward contractors, and toward independence, and toward this on-demand workplace. And as consultants and service providers, we’re well positioned to meet this new economy as it’s changing. The one thing that we need to know though is being good at selling as this marketplace becomes more crowded does become something that gives us an advantage. And by tuning into this podcast, I want to help you increase that advantage that you have in the marketplace.

Because one thing I realized early on when I went from my job as a director of business development in marketing at a $10-million consulting company to an independent selling boutique marketing services, one thing that I realized early in that process is that I had a distinct advantage over a lot of other people that I was selling against. And the reason was I was better at selling. What I find is the reasons for me being a little bit better at selling aren’t actually that mysterious. So what I’d like to convey here on this podcast is some useful ideas, some useful ways of thinking about things for you to apply to your own business.

Now, I’m not big on just telling you how to do it. I use LinkedIn a lot. I use email a lot. I use CRM a lot. Those are all things that I’ll be sharing with you. However, I think the biggest change in our own personal development and in the growth of our businesses comes from a shift in mindset, a shift in the way we think about things, a shift in what we understand is actually possible.

And there’s something else that I want you to think about. Because selling is a direct line to more revenue, and more revenue in many cases should be a direct line to a better lifestyle, I want to help you get there. And when you think about it, anybody out there in the world, they practice things, whatever they master, whatever they’re good at. You, for instance, whether you’re a technology consultant, or you sell IT services, or you’re a software developer, or you’re in marketing, or you’re a professional writer, or you’re a lawyer, or you’re a finance professional, whatever it is that you do, you spend a lot of time, a lot of months, a lot of years, a lot of hard work to know and understand your business the way you do now, and that is your expertise. That’s what you’re selling, is your expertise, the thing that you’re excellent at. Have you spent that much time on learning how to be more effective at selling, at learning to be more effective at marketing? Well, I want to focus here on the selling side of the equation, but I will be having guests who can help you with the marketing side of the equation, too.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about how this podcast is going to be structured because it’s a little bit different. The first thing to know is that I will be mixing it up here. You can think of this podcast as a variety show of sorts. Some episodes will just be me talking to you. Other episodes I’ll be interviewing people who I think can help you. They may be friends of mine, they may be new people that I’ve encountered. But the one thing that they’ll all have in common is I think that they will be able to help you grow, or increase, or improve your consulting or professional services business.

The second thing you should know is this podcast is for people selling high-end services, which means consultants selling expertise, owners of consulting companies, owners of professional service firms. The advice that I will be providing will apply to other fields, but I do want to focus on that group of people because that’s really who I’m focused on helping, a million consultants selling expertise to be more effective, better in their business, more confident when they approach it every day.

Now, the next thing you might be wondering is what’s so different about selling professional services anyway. When you say that selling advice isn’t created for me, a consultant, a service provider, why is it different? Well, the answer is coming in episode two where I cover what in the heck is so different about selling professional services anyway. So once again, my name is Liston Witherill. You are listening to The Show. I thank you so much for being here, and I invite you to listen to episode two where I discuss the difference between selling professional services and selling just about any other product. Thanks so much. Talk to you soon.

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