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Weight Loss and Dick Pills

The internet can be a really terrible place. One corner of the Internet houses an army of “gurus” ready to provide your next major life transformation for the low low price of $97. It’s a base instinct, and we all want it.

My friend Dan and I refer to their ilk as “weight loss and dick pills” because we assume neither will truly work, and neither will go out of fashion.

Whatever these gurus say may be true for them. But their products won’t work for the majority of buyers. The gurus themselves may not know the true secrets to their success.

The insidious thing about gurus is that they oversimplify everything. It makes for a good story, but any major life transformation requires a system and consistent application over a long period of time.

The answer isn’t the weight loss pill. The answer is eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep, and improving social relationships. But if I packaged that up, who would buy it? It’s only $97, but for a limited time…