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Using Automation for Genuine Relationships

Using Automation for Genuine Relationships

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

Automation is the opposite of relationships.

Relationships are messy, and imperfect, and unpredictable.

Automation is neat, and perfect, and predictable.

Relationships are dynamic and change with the environment.

Automation is static, existing in an unchanging environment.

Technology allows us to be superhuman in small ways. It can aid in deepening our impact, and scaling up – even ever-so-slightly – human relationships.

Too much automation is the opposite of relationships: it becomes too orderly, too predictable, and not at all human. That’s bad.

Your business is powered by relationships. It wouldn’t exist without other human beings buying your services, recommending you and your expertise, and experiencing the results you can get for them.

Whenever you use automation in your business, just remember that that’s the point: to create real human relationships.