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Changelog: The Sales Sprint

Nothing is done the first time, or the second, or the third time. This stems from the belief that everything can be better, because nothing is perfect.

What follows is a changelog of my course The Sales Sprint. Each time I make updates to it (about quarterly), I’ll add the updates here. If you’re interested in improving your sales skills, check out my Version 3 (December 2020)

Updated and re-recorded all course content.

  • Welcome Kit start here video completely revamped and re-recorded
  • Added TSS Overview video
  • Added Mindset video to establish the mindset for the relationship between client and service provider
  • Added Structuring Your Process video and three example sales process structures and how you can executed the SDS Method in each: 1-call close, 2-call close, 3+ calls
  • Added workbook overview video
  • Added milestones overview document
  • Added glossary of common terms document
  • Added community guidelines
  • Updated all fonts and color schemes to match new SDS branding
  • Rerecorded all videos (modules 1-4)
  • Improved overview of 5 Sales Stages video
  • Added goals + agenda examples to Module 1
  • Added decision tree for potential outcomes to module 1 video 6
  • Added module 1 exercise to improve module 1 results
  • Added module 1 exercise videos
  • Added PGV-S match to Dannemiller Formula in module 2 video 1
  • Added common client pains slide to module 2 video 1
  • Added real world examples form past Sprinters to exercises
  • Removed “prepping for live sessions” modules
  • Added improved format for articulating value to module 3
  • Added articulating value exercise to module 3
  • Updated workbook with new examples, guides, and design for each exercise

Updated support options and improved support operations.

  • Added Airtable form for support requests
  • Added Airtable form for submitting Office Hours requests
  • Connected Airtable forms to Slack (internal only)
  • Replaced email support with Airtable ticketing (internal only)
  • Changed live format from lecture to office hours
  • Removed access to live interaction from Self Study tier
  • Added asynchronous option to office hours question submission
  • Added 1:1 coaching to the top tier (VIP Plus)
  • Switched community from Slack to Circle
  • Added entrance and exit surveys
  • Added weekly accountability emails to all tiers

Added bonus material.

  • Added VIP and VIP+ bonuses: The Good Enough CRM, Addressing Objections, Outreach Muscle, and SellingStory Deck