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They Can’t Buy It If It Doesn’t Exist

They Can’t Buy It If It Doesn’t Exist

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

You created a product or service.

Wow, that took a lot of time.

Now you’re ready to sell it. What happens next? Nothing. Unless you make an offer, of course.

It’s easy to come to the conclusion “no one wants what I have.” It’s a conclusion rife with discouragement. But it’s usually not the whole story.

If you’ve made an offer to dozens or hundreds of people that allows them to understand and then buy your offer, and still no one wants it, then you’re be right. Back to the drawing board.

But that’s often not the case.

When it comes to selling and building your business, just remember that no one can buy if they don’t know it exists. It’s possible that they would’ve bought, but they just didn’t know there was anything to buy.

Make an offer.