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The Solo Selling Antidote

Yesterday I covered the key challenges of solopreneur sales.

I learned that selling doesn’t have to be a challenge at all, mostly by flipping my perspective.

Instead of thinking “what can I sell?,” I now think “how can I help?”

Instead of assuming “they have a problem,” I now ask “why do you think this a problem?”

Instead of seeing “prospects” and “customers,” I see opportunities for lasting relationships.

Instead of “I wonder if they’ll buy?,” I now state “I’m confident I can help.”

And rather than agreeing “sure I can do that,” I may now say “I don’t think that’ll help you reach your goals.”

My approach and thought process behind sales transformed into a caring and sincere relationship. What was once an adversarial power dynamic is now collaborative.

Occasionally I still talk to people who think I’m for sale like a widget they can plug into their business for effect. I politely inform them that we can’t work together.

The shift is more than just mindset. It’s also about process.

My sales process is designed to help my prospects, while I learn about them and my market. We both win, even when there’s no fit for us to work together.

The shift here is monumental. And while it may sound like the yoga-guru-hippy sales plan, it’s not. It’s how you’d like to be treated, and it’s how you’ll eventually learn to enjoy the process.

The details of the sales process are important, too, but not nearly as important as thinking the right things.

Just think: who can you help today, and how can you tell them?