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The Service Business, B&B Edition

The Service Business, B&B Edition

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

This weekend my wife and I stayed at a bed and breakfast for our anniversary.

(NOTE: I highly recommend you check out Old Parkdale Inn if you like small towns and hiking, it’s amazing. Say hi to Mary and Steve for me.)

When we arrived, we got the whole rundown: when breakfast is served, where the coffee lives, what to do about the dogs and cats.

When we were shown to our rooms, we saw a room complete with branded mugs, adjustable heating, and a cozy living room.

This is a family operation, but they’ve thought a lot about the experience they provide. People who come here aren’t just looking for a place to crash. That’s not the customer.

People who come here are looking for an experience and they get it.

Our stay was in the hundreds. Most consultants charge in thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands.

Have you thought this much about the experience you provide?