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The Reason I’m Doing This

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I tend not to talk about why I do what I do.

The topics on this blog tend to be small lessons I learn while developing my business, often the same day I write and publish.

Today I want to share why I’m doing all of this. Why I, as I type this, am quite tired but need to write this for you at 10:17pm.

Years ago I started working in the consulting business. It’s why I went to grad school, and I landed a dream job as soon as I got out of school. I worked with a lot of talented people while I was there, and most didn’t understand the business of what we did. In other words, when it came to the consulting business, they only understood the consulting part.

I’ve worked as a mentor, educator, and coach to hundreds of experts. They’re immensely talented in their respective fields, but what’s clear is that they lack a crucial skill to share their gifts with the world: selling.

And then I think about the state of work. 34% of the US workforce has worked as a freelancer, either full- or part-time. This number will continue to increase, and likely include more people who are completely self-employed rather than just hustling on the side for a few thousand dollars. Why? For most people, working for a company is a shitty gig. They have little loyalty, treat workers as line items on a spreadsheet, and regular offload employees to clear their books of obligations. This creates even more freelancers and consulting companies.

All of this is to say that 1) experts tend to need help selling their expertise, and 2) our economy is rapidly creating more independent experts and smallish consulting companies.

I want to change how 10M experts see and sell themselves, so they can fulfill their obligation to help more people and share their gifts.

That’s why I do this.

I was reminded once again that, slowly, and on a very small scale, my work is starting to have an impact. But that’s the thing: scale is misleading, especially at my level. Impact happens to individuals.

Today I interviewed a coaching client with whom I worked for 6 months or so. She was kind enough to give a video testimonial for me to use in my marketing materials. She thanked me for “helping me move my business to the next level.” It was really emotional for both of us. We both cried.

You’ll hear me repeat the refrain “serve don’t sell” over and over again. The thing is, I mean it. And it’s not just advice to be applied to cleverly sell more shit. No, it’s advice to be taken to heart, felt in your soul, and periodically checked for authenticity.

Being in service to others is the most rewarding way to spend our time. Touching someone else’s life, and making it just a little better, is a worthy pursuit.

I once heard someone say that “the meaning of life is the experience of feeling alive.” Perhaps we feel the most alive when we are useful and in service to others. Perhaps we feel the most alive when we genuinely care, and follow through on what’s required of caring people.

Knowing that, through the advice and hard work, the service I’ve provided has been useful is why I do this. That’s the reward. Having moments like that when it’s clear that the work is working, and that people are better off for it…

That’s the reason why I do this.