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The Poison of Superiority

Everyone’s different.

Do you accept this statement?

If you do, you’ll also agree that some of us are good at one thing, and some of us are good at others.

I’ll translate for your business selling expertise: you happen to be especially good at solving a problem that your clients aren’t as good at solving.

Does that make you better than your client?

No. Just different.

If we can agree that everyone’s different, then our strengths and weaknesses also differ, which therefore requires your client to be better at some things than you.

And yet I see many experts in their fields judging their clients as less than. Even if you don’t do it personally, someone on your team may think they’re superior to your clients.

It’s poison. This mentality will corrupt your relationship to your clients, your work, and affect the overall integrity of your company.

We all want recognition for our talents and expertise. That’s a given. But the way to recognition isn’t to diminish our clients. It isn’t to feel superior at the expense of someone else.

Often it’s the smartest and most talented among us who feel superior. If it’s someone on your team, you might make excuses fore them like:

  • They’re a renowned expert
  • They bring in a lot of money
  • They put in their time here and have seniority
  • They have innovative ideas
  • They have a clear vision of the future

These are just excuses you’ve made to enable bad behavior. If you allow a posture of superiority to your client, it has already spread like contagion.

If you have this poison in yourself or on your team, it must be eradicated. Once it is, you’ll have the opportunity to do what’s best for your clients and radically improve your selling and client service at the same time.