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The Physical Health of a Business

The Physical Health of a Business

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

I’ve been quieter than normal this week. I’ve been a bit sick.

But it got me thinking about how a business has a kind of health, too.

When a business is sick, small changes in the environment have an outsized impact. Maybe it’s the economy, or the addition or loss of a customer.

The infrastructure and processes within a business can make it sick, too. If you’re charging too little, or delivering too slowly, then your business will become and stay sick.

Like improving our physical health, the only answer is consistent fitness and nutrition.

Building up and improving aspects of our business like marketing, selling, and delivery.

Eliminating toxic clients.

And having cash in the bank to weather the next unexpected ailment.

Like our own bodies, the health of our business is not a steady state, but something that requires attention and dedication.