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The Periodic Recalibration

Online provocateurs have a fetish for pronouncing one thing or another dead.

“Cold calling is dead.”

“Inbound marketing is dead.”

“Outbound sales is dead.”

Thing you think might work is dead.”

Even so, I run a lot of little experiments in my business to understand what works and how I can rapidly build a better business. Some things work, some things don’t.

For me, losing focus is a nasty side-effect of experimentation. All of a sudden I end up spending time on things I didn’t budget for, and foregoing the original priorities I slated.

That’s the purpose of having goals. If you ask some online provocateurs, those are dead too. But not for me.

My goals are what help me return my focus to the things that I should be doing even when I get distracted.

This periodic recalibration is the work that keeps the work on track.