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The Mental Integrity Tax
How can I find better clients?

If you haven’t said it directly, you’ve likely thought this at some point in your consulting business.

But what do we mean by “better clients?” Usually it’s one of five things:

  1. People with larger budgets and who are willing to pay more
  2. People with more interesting projects
  3. People who appreciate us
  4. People we like more
  5. People doing things we believe in

#4 and #5 are closely related. Each of the five factors that help define better clients come with a significant mental tax, but perhaps the last three have the biggest impact on our psyches.

I get it. Sometimes we don’t have much work coming in and it can feel like we have to take clients we don’t like.

But let’s do a thought experiment together. Think about the last time you had a client that you wanted to fire. How much time and energy was lost thinking about them? How else could you have applied that time and energy to starting relationships with better clients?

The mental tax is too great. Avoid it.