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The Idea Sprint

Lately I’ve been focused on selling seats to my upcoming online learning program called Consulting Sales Bootcamp.

Because it’s an online program designed to host more people, the demands for selling a higher volume are a bit different than my typical coaching offering.

I needed a game plan.

I sat down and jotted out exactly 11 ideas for boosting sales to the program, and started implementing those ideas today.

I attribute these ideas to three separate factors:

  1. Experience. There’s just no substitution.
  2. Smart friends. One in particular helped with this. Thank you, Philip.
  3. Idea sprint.

Lets talk about the last one, because you can apply immediately.

I find that some of my best ideas aren’t the first or second things that come to mind, but the fifth or even tenth.

And I find that sitting quietly, with no distractions, 100% focused on the process of creating ideas is some of the most productive time I have.

Sure, I’d advocate that you not over plan, but under planning is a tragedy.

The next time you need a great idea, sit down quietly and generate as many ideas as come to mind. No judgment. Write down the good ideas, the mediocre ideas, and the bad ideas. You’ll be tempted to not write them all down, but just do it. You’re writing, not editing.

By the end of your idea sprint, you’ll know exactly what to do, and what not to do, too.