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The False High of Winning

Winning is a moment in time. It happens in an instant, with deep preparation to achieve it.

But it goes away just as quickly as it happens.

It’s like a photograph. It’s a representation of what happened, once, and soon enough that moment will have passed so much time that it becomes distant. So you chase the next win. And the next.

Getting better never stops.

Marginal, compounding improvements are the oil that greases the gears for your next attempt to win, lose, or draw. It is this improvement that’s the ultimate, ongoing win.

In a win, most of us tend not to reflect on what we could’ve done better. Victory, in and of itself, doesn’t garner reflection because the end was achieved.

In an effort to improve, we reflect no matter the outcome. We ask ourselves what went well, and what didn’t, and what we’ll do differently next time.

It’s this exercise that keeps us prepared, not winning.