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Talent Is a Fraction

We’re born with a certain personality. It’s probably a stretch to say we’re born with “talent” because we’re not good at anything at birth.

Some of us are naturally more outgoing and social. Others may be better at math or science. We all have our natural inclinations.

You may not know it, but I’m a rapper. It’s true, and I think I’m pretty good, but you can be the judge.

At 19, I wrote my first rap. It was terrible. As in, objectively terrible and unlistenable. But I wrote every day. I practiced over and over again.

Eventually I started to record and perform music, and I got better.

I have an inclination toward language and storytelling, yes, but that didn’t make me any good.

Talent was just a fraction. The biggest part of the equation was the practice, repetition, studying the greats, and honest self-reflection.

I needed both the ability to harshly judge what I created, but still say “it’s good enough so I’ll put this out.”

Then do it again.

The same is true with marketing, and selling, and everything that goes along with business.

The unfair advantage isn’t talent, it’s the speed of your learning and impovement.

Talent is just a fraction of the equation.