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A collection of short notes I jot down to remember important ideas. Typically under 500 words, my notes can be read in a minute or two, and haven't yet been expanded to a full article. If you see something in here that you'd like me to elaborate on, let me know by filling out the contact form.

Writing as a Path to Clear Thinking

Nothing will help you become a clearer thinker than regular writing.

Writing as a Path to Clear Thinking

On Near-Fatherhood and Getting Shit Done

I was recently asked how I'm so productive. It has something to do with having a baby on the way, and something to do with intention.

The Hidden Cost Of Oversimplification

It’s our nature to seek simple explanations. I prefer to find causal connections between just two things, but most everything is exponentially more complicated. We live in a complicated world, so simplicity is welcome. But oversimplification could have a terrible impact on a business. In the earliest days of

Why I Started a Second Brand and Changed This Site

I made a few changes to this site. Well, some drastic changes, actually. But it’s more than that: I also launched a separate brand for my sales training business, and want to give you long-form content. Here’s why.

The American Discount

I just got back from a 2.5-week vacation to Italy. It was amazing. I’ll spare you the burden of hundreds of photos, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Our time in Italy began when we arrived at the airport in Rome. We were

Podcast on anchoring

On this week’s Modern Sales podcast episode, I talk all about anchoring and how you can apply it to your sales. Check out the episode to learn: How anchoring worksThe personality types most susceptible to anchoringHow anchoring applies to pricingHow your value conversations can set an anchor against your

Heavier than a boat anchor

When Tesla kickstarted the hype machine for the release of their Model 3, it was fueled by a simple and attractive promise. Namely, that they’d finally mass-produce a car, and it would be $30k. All of that Tesla tech, over-the-air software updates, insane mode, and the social status to

The Service Business, B&B Edition

This weekend my wife and I stayed at a bed and breakfast for our anniversary. (NOTE: I highly recommend you check out Old Parkdale Inn if you like small towns and hiking, it’s amazing. Say hi to Mary and Steve for me.) When we arrived, we got the whole

Too many choices = bad

How you sell isn’t as relevant as the compelling story you tell while you do it. One of the biggest problems I see with selling services is we tend to be too “me” focused. “Here’s why I’m the best…” “We solved that exact problem for a client

You can’t buy half a car

When it comes to selling, it’s vital that you give your client what they need, not what they want. I know, I know, it can be a little uncomfortable to do that for two reasons: 1) your client is ready to say yes to something, and 2) you don’