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Surviving the Feedback Gap

When we first start something new, there’s huge excitement. We tell everyone we know. We collect their feedback and implement it. We make improvements and we ship.

We sell something new. It feels good. The people we told about it are happy with what they bought. We’re happy that they’re happy, and we’re happy they bought something.

Feedback streams in. We continue to build, improve, and tweak away until we get closer to perfection.

We continue to push. Things are going well. But, at a certain point, we run out of people in our network to reach. We need a new channel for marketing and sales.

Then we find The Feedback Gap. “Is this working anymore?”, we think. We already have a lot of feedback that indicates that it does work, but it’s hard to be sure.

The real crisis is the lack of feedback. Sure, it’d be nice to have more sales coming in, but how can we know if we’re on the right path if there’s no feedback to guide us?

This is what happens in The Feedback Gap, and it hurts. It’s lonely. It’s unforgiving. And everyone has experienced it on the way to success.

As hard as it as, we have to keep pushing. There’s an end to The Feedback Gap, and it’s our job to find it.