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The Super Connector Personality Has Outsized Influence

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

Yesterday I wrote about the multiplying effect of networks, and how it means just a few well-placed partnerships will make an outsized difference for you.

Here’s something else to know: every individual in a network falls on a curve. On the low end, some people may only know a handful of people, or perhaps even no one else. On the high end, these people will know many times more than the average person.

Some estimates say LinkedIn super connectors have 3,000 or more connections. The limit for LinkedIn connections is 30,000, and some people hit it. These are typically recruiters or conference organizers. Of course no one can actually know that many people in any meaningful way, but their reach is still outsized and enormous.

Finding these super connectors may be a chance event. I personally know two in my life. When I go places with them, they have a really good chance of running into people they know.

These people are likely spread news and connect people and ideas.

The super connector may be the source of your next important connection. And if you only have 5 partnerships to create, including a super connector would give you an outsized advantage.