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Start a Podcast for Content Marketing to Grow Your Agency

Start a Podcast for Content Marketing to Grow Your Agency

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
5 min read

You’ve thought about starting a podcast.

It can help you develop thought leadership for your agency and show the market that you’re a go-to source of information. That you’re a great thinker.

You’ve probably heard a few podcasts here and there. You might be here because you listened to my podcast.

And, besides from saying “Wow, Liston has a great voice,” you probably asked yourself, “why the heck is he doing this?

Turns out, dear reader, that a podcast can fast-track your thought leadership and you can use this podcast for content marketing, too. And while that’s a great thing, it’s even better to start a podcast to accelerate your sales, marketing, and lead gen.

Podcasts are a great tool for content marketing, and if you, like me, are in the consulting space, they can bring a lot of leads to your front door (or inbox, as the case may be).

Want to know how to create a podcast and use it as part of your content marketing mix.

Let’s get into it.


What You’ll Learn In This Article

  • Why You Should Start A Podcast For Your Agency
  • How to Use Your Podcast As A Networking Tool
  • How to Leverage Each Episode For Additional Content

Why Should Start a Podcast For Your Agency

In The Show, and in a couple of articles, I’ve talked extensively about how I’m doubling down on my podcast and the reasons behind it.

For starters, I genuinely love audio. I listen to podcasts all the time and just love the medium. Maybe that’s selfish, but it’s the truth. podcasts have several advantages as a medium:

  • They allow listeners to fit episodes into their daily activities (commute, lunch, etc.)
  • The production and equipment requirements aren’t too difficult
  • Podcasts are still a developing space and building an audience isn’t totally overwhelming
  • Your listeners feel as though they know you, and spend hours listening to you
  • You can develop more in-depth ideas in even a medium-format podcast (i.e. 25 minutes)

Video is still a wonderful medium, but the production requirements and competition is huge. So, rather than producing videos with audio people won’t listen to, I prefer to focus on producing audio that people can listen to while doing other things.

Here’s a deeper dive on why podcasts are such a great content marketing tool.

Audio Is So Much Easier To Produce at High Quality

Producing a podcast is quite a bit easier than producing video, but maintains all of the relationship-building qualities of video. That’s a huge plus.

And you can even safely outsource much of your podcast production, cut costs, and save time if you ask others to edit, promote, and publish your content.

Plus, you already talk frequently, don’t you? Just do that, and edit it down to the most interesting parts.

Podcast Audiences Are Increasing

Nowadays, the business space is filled with great podcasts. This may seem like a bad thing – podcasting is getting more competitive – but I’d argue is a really good thing for you. With great content comes flocks of audiences and that makes everyone’s audience bigger.

Let’s Build That Network, Shall We?

Since podcasts are getting better and better, more influential people are driven to them, which means that an interview request to a podcast is a great way of connecting with potential clients in a non-disruptive, value driven way.

And let me be even more direct: over 90% of the people I contact agree to be on the podcast. It’s probably closer to 99%. You’re giving them free publicity and exposure to your audience. It’s a win for everyone.

This is a big point, and worth going a bit deeper on it.

Using Your Podcast As A Networking Tool

This is one of the most powerful aspects of your podcast. As I said, almost everyone you ask will agree to be on the podcast.

Why not bring on potential referrers and clients?

Let’s say you’re like me and help agencies and consulting firms.

You can reach out and say:

“Hey, I’d love to have you on the podcast. I have a segment on my show where I interview agency owners who share a little bit about their business, what’s working, what’s not, and what they’ve learned over the course of their journey.”

You’ll use your own version of the ask, but you get it.

The idea here is to spark a conversation that’s neither salesy nor scummy.

Just an interesting conversation between two people that could help both of you.

So the person you’re talking to gets something valuable – publicity – and you get something valuable too – access. And I think the most important function of podcasts as a networking tool is they enable you to develop trust easily. Is there another way you can have a 1-hour conversation with just about anyone you choose?

Using Your Podcast For Content Marketing

Let’s do some math together.

The average person speaks about 125 words per minute, which means a 25-minute podcast creates over 3,000 words of content. To put that in perspective, this article is just over 1,000 words, so 3k words is a lot of material to work with.

As you can imagine, you can use a podcast for content marketing in so many ways and still come up with something fresh and useful.

But you need to stay super organized to make it work.

This is how I leverage my podcast:

  1. I use the podcast outline as the show notes
  2. Once I’ve recorded the episode, I share it with my team write an article
  3. Then dozens of social posts are generated
  4. And in the future, I’ll post videos generated from the podcast content

You can even repackage your podcasts on different subjects as gated content to collect emails and have a first touch point with people. For instance, I could easily have ebooks and podcast collections organized around topics like prospecting, sales, marketing, CRM, and more.

One often-overlooked aspect of podcasting is search.

The articles I produce provide search to my site, and I get search traffic from iTunes from people looking for specific topics. That’s a good thing.

Key Takeaways

You don’t need to be an extrovert or The Most Interesting Person in the World to run a podcast. As long as you can present things well verbally and have the tools and discipline to stay organized (because it can be hard to stay on top of every channel), you’re good to go.

Last, before you leave, let me recap on the benefits of using a podcast for content marketing:

  • They enable you to build an audience
  • Audio is an ideal content medium to build trust with your audience
  • You can create a long-term content strategy based on your podcast episodes
  • Podcasts are a great way to connect with prospects and influencers
  • Since you’re not selling anything, you get to spread your message without the pressure