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    Sales is a dirty word to most professional services firms and experts. There’s this idea that the work is so good that it should sell itself. But no matter how much you try to avoid the problem, or call it by a different name, almost everyone I speak to has the same problem: they’re not winning the business they know they should.

    Prospective clients end up choosing a competitor that’s clearly less capable. New opportunities take far too long to close and it’s impossible to plan ahead. It affects your company strategy. It affects your hiring. And it affects your own salary. Deals that seemed promising get stuck and potential clients seem to drop off the face of the earth without good reason.

    If business development is a priority but you’re not sure how to improve it, or just simply haven’t found the right approach, it’s not just you or your firm. Selling services is hard work. What you need is a method that guides you through the process.

    I’d like to invite you to learn that method.

    When you subscribe below, I’ll send you an email a day for the next week or so that walks you through the Serve Don’t Sell Method and how to implement that process for yourself or your firm.

    You’ll learn the key issues to tackle so you can build the systems and confidence to win the clients you know you should. Then I’ll show you what this all looks like in practice, and invite you to speak with me if you’re ready to finally solve the “sales problem” at your firm for good.

    Either way, I think you’ll find it useful and eye-opening.

    Talk soon,

    Liston Witherill
    Founder of Serve Don’t Sell

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