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Specialist in Delivery, Generalist in Ownership

Specialist in Delivery, Generalist in Ownership

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

You’re an expert in a particular field. You’ve developed skills that come only from the accrual of knowledge, experience, and some good ol’ trial and error.

You’ve worked hard to find a customer to buy your expertise. But your expertise alone isn’t enough if your goal is to create a thriving self-employed or small business.

You also have to become proficient in marketing, sales, and operations.

Your expertise matters. But it’s impossible to build a steady pipeline, and win new and better clients without knowing how to attract them and win their business.

To the extent that you at least reach competence, your sales and marketing cannot be effectively outsourced.

Many of us leave our jobs and strike out on our own to fire our bosses, or seek freedom, or have more control.

This is what it takes to make it sustainable.