Small Business Coaching

Marketing, mindset, and sales coaching for solopreneurs and owners of small firms to make rapid progress.

Where You Are Now

You’re already running a successful business, personally making over $100k, but you want to “take it to the next level.” You might be experiencing:

  • Otherwise perfect clients ghosting you permanently

  • Difficulty entering a new geographic market or industry

  • Lack of focus, resulting in rarely attracting your Perfect Clients

  • Frustration that 100% of your business is coming from referrals

  • Self-doubt and lacking confidence, despite mountains of evidence that you know what you’re doing

People Need Your Help

Your market is out there, and they need your help. Since you already have success and a nice starting place for your income, you have a lot going for you. You’re not starting from zero, and small, systematic improvements over time could help you:

  • Build awareness and authority in your market with world-class content and distribution

  • Sell to new geographies and markets, or reach more of the market you’re already in

  • Build a sales process for the first time, implement sales and marketing infrastructure, or improve a process and infrastructure you already have

  • Clarify your offers and services so they fit nicely together and progressively deliver more value to your clients

  • Build online marketing and outreach that gives you more control over your income

A Business Advisor For Rent

One of the hardest things about entrepreneurship is that it can be really lonely. You’re making daily decisions that affect your business and livelihood, but have no one in your corner who both understands you and can provide detailed advice and support.

I can be your partner for rent, to help you see things you’d otherwise miss, provide real-time feedback as you make decisions to evolve your business, and hold you accountable to all the shit you said you’d do three months ago but haven’t gotten around to.

My private coaching works like this:

  • Kickoff call to establish your goals and the direction of our coaching engagement

  • Meet every 2 weeks to tackle your biggest problems together

  • Assignments to accelerate your progress and clarify your thinking

  • Access to me through Slack, email, phone where you can ask me anything and you’ll get a response within a business day

You can contact me anytime, and as much as you like, and I’ll respond within a business day, but it’s typical that I’ll respond same-day or sooner.

Kickoff Call Agenda

  • The current state of your business

  • Where you’d like to go

  • What you’ve tried, and how it went

  • Set specific goals for the next 12-weeks (we’ll make a second 12-week plan starting in Month 4)

  • Structure a 12-week plan that we’ll revisit regularly

Typical Meeting Agenda

  • Your progress on your goals

  • Obstacles preventing progress

  • Next actions you need to take

  • Your plan to make progress in the next 2 week

  • Your todos are posted on a private web page that only you and I have access to, documenting the history of our work together


The private coaching program is $1,200 per month for independent consultants and service providers, and is $2,000 for owners of firms with employees. Payment is due 100% upfront. I offer a 5% discount for quarterly payments.

Start the Conversation

If you want a partner on your side who’s here to keep you accountable, provide valuable advice and insights, and structure a meaningful progress plan for you and your business, private coaching may be a fit for you.

The next step is to apply for private coaching, and I’ll take a look at what you have to say. If I believe there’s a fit for us to work together, I’ll contact you to schedule an initial call.

One quick thing to keep in mind: coaching requires an open mind, an open heart, and a commitment to improve yourself and your business. This will take work on your part, and there are no quick fixes to big challenges.

If you’re still interested, click that button below and tell me a bit about yourself.

There’s no obligation to pay a cent just yet. Let’s start with a conversation, and see where to take it from there.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s my guarantee to you: my main motivation is to help you improve. If, for any reason, you don’t want to continue after our kickoff call, I’ll give you a 100% refund. It’s never happened, but it’s the best way I can show my commitment to making our coaching engagement hugely successful for both of us.



They Said It, Not Me

Here are a few nice things people have said about me:

"Provided Me With the Confidence to Sell To People Who I Wouldn’t Normally Sell To"
Bob P, Management Consultant

“Night and Day Difference - Monumental Shift. I Felt Prepared and Knew Everything I Needed to Know In the Sales Process.”
Austin H, Digital Marketing Consultant

"Only Now Am I Getting All the Answers I've Needed"
Leo M, Dev Ops Consultant

"Know How to Guide People Through the Process of Becoming a Client. Highly Recommend Liston."
Ryan H, Custom Software Developer

"My Highest Priced Project Before Was $5k. I Pitched a $10k Project During Training - and Won."

Samantha N, TED Presentation Consultant

"Transitioned from Expert to Selling Business Owner."
Hau N, Enterprise Analytics Consultant

"I Feel Really Good, Not Tricky or Anything. I'm Confident About What I'm Selling."
Elise R, Digital Marketing Consultant

"I Have a System Now, and I Can Guide Potential Clients When I Sell."
Anthony E, Business Coach and Consultant

Questions You Might Have

Am I a good fit for this?

Typically my clients are software developers, management consultants, marketers, or technical consultants. I find that professionals with relatively stable six-figure annual income get the most from my services. People looking for clarity, accountability, and an outside advisor. People sick of reading articles online and choosing from 50 strategies. People ready to invest in themselves and commit to change. People ready to tangibly move their business in a better direction.

If that sounds like you, you just might be a fit. Apply for private coaching and I’ll happily read every word you have to say.

What kind of progress can I expect to make in 6 months?

The short answer is quite a lot, but that largely depends on you. I’ve had clients who landed the largest retainer agreements of their careers, and booked a dozen meetings that yielded multiple five figures in revenue in just the first 90 days of working together. The more action you’re willing to take, and the more time you allocate to your progress, the more progress you’ll make.

What’s a typical return I can expect?

Depending on your business model and existing assets, I’d expect it to be quite high. Since your return is so greatly dependent on your effort, there’s no way to pinpoint the exact return that you, or anyone else, can expect. Some of my coaching clients have made many multiples of their investment, and others have taken little action, but remain satisfied with our work together and their own development.

Do I really get unlimited access to you?

Yes, you do. You can contact me as much or as little as you like. If you’re concerned that you may rise to “stalker status” by over contacting me, all I can say is that it hasn’t happened yet.

Can you help me with implementation?

No, implementation is your job, not mine. If you need implementation partners, recommendations, or a structured process to hire freelance help, I can help you with that. Private coaching is an advisory and accountability relationship, intended to create an environment that greatly accelerates your progress.

I don’t like Slack or Zoom for communication. Can we use something else?

Sure thing, I’m open. We can talk about it on our discovery call.

How do I get started?

The first thing is to apply for the private coaching program by clicking one of the buttons on this page. Once you do that, you’ll answer a few questions. I’ll review your responses, and coordinate an introductory call. If we agree to move forward with private coaching, I’ll send you a payment link and then we’ll set up our kickoff call, and choose a regular day/time for our recurring accountability calls.

Shoot…you didn’t cover my question.

Dang, I tried to get ‘em all! Email me:

About Me


I’m Liston Witherill and I’m 100% all in on helping consultants and service professionals improve themselves and their businesses, with a particular focus on having more and better conversations with the people who matter most to your business. I’m bullish on building a fully remote and online business, and have run my own boutique marketing firm, as well as the sales and marketing functions at a $12M consulting firm where I helped close a $1M deal.

I’ve published extensively on the topics of selling, content marketing, persuasion, and automation. I’m addicted to publishing and listening to podcasts, and you’ll almost certain catch a healthy dose of behavioral economics, psychology, and neuroscience in my published content.

Over the last few years, I’ve taught and mentored hundreds of independent professionals and owners of firms. My work is primarily coaching and training, though I occasionally take on consulting projects with especially interesting people and firms.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife Kristiana, dog, and cat. I lift weights 2x a week, run 3x a week, and buy way too many books. You might be surprised to know that I make all of the music on my podcasts because I’m a rapper and electronic musician. Yes, it’s true.



It starts with a conversation.

If you’re still here, there may be reason for us to chat about private coaching. There’s no obligation for anything but telling me a bit about yourself. If it looks like a fit, we’ll set up an exploratory call to see if we’re both excited to work together.


One Final Thought…

Whether it’s with me or someone else, you should be regularly investing in improving yourself and your business. The fundamental building block of your business is you. Take action to improve yourself, take action to build your business. Make progress every day with the right people in your life.

If you’re ready to take that kind of action, I’d welcome the opportunity to chat with you.