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Shut ‘Em Off

You hear that? The collective din of the thousands of notifications you’ve received over the last few days?

It’s the sound of distraction. It’s the sound of stress, and endorphins, and pleasure-seeking and disappointment.

You know why those notifications exist? Not to make you better at freelancing or consulting. Not to help you build your business. And certainly not to pay you money for the time you just lost. Nope.

Those notifications exist to build someone else’s business. In the old days, the only way to reach someone was through email. Before that, it was by mail or phone. Or show up in their office or at their house.

Why have we invited salespeople and marketers to be omnipresent in our lives? It may not seem that way, but this is exactly what notifications are doing.

“Log into the app.” “Get 30% off.” “Someone you don’t know liked a picture.”

I won’t even get into how it’s affecting our brains. There’s a much bigger and more salient point: the notifications are building someone else’s business at the expense of your own.

Unless they’re helping you build your own business, shut ‘em off.