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Serve Don't Sell

Serve Don't Sell

Serve Don't Sell is a mindset, sales methodology, sales process, and upcoming book about the psychology and science of effective selling.

Well, kind of, anyway. Serve Don't Sell is a total approach to your agency business. It's a mandate, mindset, and mantra that'll affect every choice you make moving forward.

It's a call to action to be a more effective person.

It's a requirement to be honest.

It's an ethical imperative to be curious, and empathetic, and compassionate.

And it's a full sales system that will help you be a more effective person. And yes, I promise I can deliver on all of this.

Please note that if you're looking, you're in the right place - all of the content from that site is now integrated here on my personal website (I wrote it all).

Where Serve Don't Sell Comes From

I ran business development and marketing for an environmental consulting firm, then my own agency, and now I head up growth at Gold Front, a category design firm.

Serve Don't Sell is an approach to new business that I've developed over the last 10 years, and honed through dozens of corporate trainings and hundreds of students.

To learn more about the origins of the idea, check out the introduction to my book.

SDS Book: Introduction
The background story of how an environmental scientist studied and wrote a book about selling agency services.

The Serve Don't Sell Method

The Serve Don't Sell Method is a step-by-step process you can use to move prospects effectively through your sales process.

Yes, you'll win more clients this way, but part of the process is to accept the idea that not all good prospects make for good clients.

It's tailored to well-positioned agencies and services firms, but the core principles are based on psychology and the science of decision-making and can help you sell anything.

The SDS Method: A Repeatable Sales Process Anyone Can Follow
The services sale is fraught with complexity. Services just aren’t tangible. You can’t easily show them off, let someone try them out, hold or interact with them. Services are abstract, and happen in private. Services are hard to explain, and hard to understand, and hard to sell. And

Modern Sales Podcast

As of this writing in 2021, there are over 150 published podcast episodes on the Modern Sales podcast, dedicated to exploring how to effectively sell services.

Some are solo episodes, some are interviews with buyers and sellers. I invite you to listen anywhere you choose to listen to podcasts, and they're all totally free.

For a primer on the Serve Don't Sell approach, check out the sales training series.

Sales Training Podcast Series
Over 4 Hours of Step-by-Step Sales TrainingWhat separates elite from average performers in any field is training and persistence. I can’t give you persistence, but I can give you the former in this sales training podcast. You’ll learn the must-know consultative selling skills in this podcast series …

The Serve Don't Sell Book

I've been working on a book for two years now. It's a combination of the why, what, and how of selling agency services.

To get updated on the progress of the book, sign up for my newsletter and I'll send out info as it becomes available.