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Selling the Worldview

If you’ve read any of the sales literature out there, you’ve probably heard some variation of the phrase “people buy from people they like.”

My friend Josh takes it a step further and says “people buy you.” He’s onto something.

It’s true that likability is a huge factor when you sell. But the obvious next question is: why do some people like us, and others don’t? It takes a lifetime to truly answer that question.

One thing that’s tangible and you have complete control over is your worldview. The more you can make it known, the more you’ll magnetically attract the right clients.

For instance, my worldview on freelancing and consulting is “a few deep and impactful relationships is all you need to build a thriving business.” And another one about big ticket selling: “Pick up the phone. Big ticket sales don’t happen over email.”

Now, you may not agree with those statement because you believe you need dozens, hundreds, or thousands of relationships to make it work. You may think you can sell a multiple five-figure deal over text or email. You might be right. If either is the case, we’re not going be a fit to work together. See how easy that was?

But if you agree, and you want to know how to identify and build those relationships, then I can help. If you want to know how to have a productive sales conversation, I can help with that too.

Some call this controversy, or “having an opinion.” I see it as being different than that. The way you see the world reflects how you will make sense of it, solve problems, and navigate yourself.

Your worldview is one of your strongest selling points. What is it?