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Book Pre-Launch Updates

There should be a detailed, how-to guide for selling agency services. I've looked, and it doesn't exist. I've been working on the book since 2019.

It's coming soon, and it'll be called Serve Don't Sell: A Repeatable Sales Process For Agencies, Creatives, and Consultants.

As I write the book, I'll share access to drafts of the text, updates on my progress, and announcements and updates about the book launch. I'll even tell you how you can help me get the word out, if you're so inclined.

The book is written for:

  • Agency owners who want a repeatable sales process that gives them confidence that they're winning the right deals, with the right price tag
  • Independent consultants who get just a few leads a year, and want the certainty of a well defined and executed sales process
  • Creative professionals who do want to develop their business development and sales skills by understanding human nature and decision making