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[SDS] Be the comedian

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I think of sales scripts like this:

Be a stand-up comedian, not an actor.

A comedian knows her lines and has tested her material in front of tons of audiences. But she isn’t just reading jokes. She’s reacting to the crowd.

She’s taking detours when people respond to certain lines, and not others.

She interacts with the crowd naturally, going on- and off-script so fast that no one notices.

Sometimes she screws up. No big deal. She makes a joke about that too and moves on.

An actor reads his lines. He knows what he’s supposed to say and about how to act. When someone else goes off script, he’s thrown. He doesn’t know how to react because that’s not in the script.

He expects things to go a certain way. That’s what’s in the script.

But sales is real life. Real human interaction. There’s no script for every situation.

But we can guess what’ll happen about 90% of the time, and be prepared for it.

The rest is improv.

When you’re selling, be a standup, not an actor.

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