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Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

Individual or small group coaching to help your team become sales pros, even if they don’t have the word “sales” in their titles.

Creating Ongoing Improvement

Sales coaching is critical to making selling skills “stick.” That is, coaching helps your team internalize and apply the skills they learn in training, and make ongoing improvements that you can see in the bottom line.

Coaching may include topical discussions to practice and enhance specific skills, review current deals, and run deal post mortems.

The reason is simple: some things come up so much and are so important that they need to be constantly revisited and practiced.

Topics We Might Cover

Creating stronger sales stories for each lead:

how to investigate and develop client pain, goals, and value that create increased desire and urgency for your clients to buy.

Navigating the sale:

how to use Decision Maker Maps to identify who is involved in the sale, their core concerns, and the messaging to deliver (and why).

How to advance sales opportunities:

“maybe” or “we’ll think about it” are the worst things we hear in sales; we’d much prefer a yes or a no, and understanding the techniques to advance sales forward will get us out of “maybe”.

Preparing for money and budget discussions:

talking about money and budget is a pivotal moment in the sales process, and it should convey confidence while addressing any client concerns; attendees will bring real examples of these conversations and practice pre or post-client meetings, depending on timing.

Current deal reviews:

reviewing current deals to check on and calibrate approach, anticipate pitfalls, and navigate the sale.

Post-mortem discussions:

guided coaching sessions reviewing closed deals to determine what went well, what could be improved, and what will be done differently next time.

Planning, Scheduling, and Support

Meeting frequency is flexible, though we recommend a minimum of monthly coaching sessions, or once every 2 weeks for faster skill acquisition and application.

Sessions will be 60-90 minutes, depending on the number of attendees and agenda. Coaching will be done 100% remotely via online video meetings using Zoom.

Your team will also get unlimited email support to their coach so they can ask questions and get help in between sessions. If the issue is too big or complicated, it may require an ad hoc coaching session to work it out.

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