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[SDS] Let's not fight, okay?

[RT: 1m 22s]

Have you ever had an inner battle?

One that’s a struggle because you know that you should do something but there’s just too much resistance to do it without a fight?

Maybe it’s time management, or doing something tedious, or spending more time with friends or family, or taking up a hobby, or sleeping more…whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. It can feel like a real fight.

Your clients often feel the same way. They want to make changes, but there’s a fight happening inside them. They may be anticipating the difficulty that comes with your proposed change, the other people who need to be involved or convinced, or the organizational challenges that come with it.

Your clients have both internal and external resistance.

Knowing the formula for change and what constitutes change isn’t enough. We have to do something about it!

We know there are three types of resistance to organizational change: people, power, and process. Each presents an opportunity to reduce resistance.

A lot can be done structurally to reduce resistance. Meaning, you can make changes to the people, power, and process required in order to reduce resistance.

People: you can reduce the number of people involved in your sale, or target different types of people (i.e. different industries, company sizes, or even different titles within your existing target accounts).

Power: target your solution and sales process to those who are more likely to be in a decision-making position, or quickly disqualify those who do not have decision-making power; you may also reduce the amount of authority needed to buy from you by altering your price or delivery mechanism.

Process: reduce the complexity of your process, or reduce the disruption to your clients’ existing processes and therefore reduce the cultural changes required to do business with you and your firm.

Question for the day:

How are you reducing your clients’ resistance to buy