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Sales Program

Online Sales Training

Systematic Sales Program

A transformative online sales coaching program to help you build the systems and confidence to win the clients you should.

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Sales training purpose-built to help you sell more services.

If the way you’ve been doing things isn’t good enough to realize you business goals, we can help you get there.

Our online sales training program is ideal for you if you’ve recently adopted a growth plan, lost a key deal or client, made a major staffing change that’s affecting your business development, or have experienced a shift in your market that makes the old way of doing things obsolete. 

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to quickly identify client fit, tell the most compelling sales story for each individual client, and ensure that you and your team understand what to do at every step the sales process. You’ll have the confidence and the know-how to sell as well as you deliver your expert services.  

It might be time to get serious about selling your services.

Systematic Selling is based on the Serve Don’t Sell (SDS) Method sales process.

Why do service providers need their own sales system?

Because selling services is hard: they’re delivered behind a veil of secrecy, and they’re not tangible like products. You can’t hold, touch, or try them very easily. As a result, selling services is first and foremost about building trust and managing client risk. 

The system focuses on your clients. How they make decisions, how they view the world, and how they buy. But the method isn’t about run-of-the-mill sales advice that worked fifty years ago.

SDS Method includes core learnings from psychology and neuroscience so that you can sell the way your buyers think. Even more than that, it enables you and your team to sell in a way that’s low-pressure and high-integrity. 

Systematic Sales Program

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    About the Program

    The program is for individuals and professional services firms and is
    100% online and remote. 

    For you to get the most out of the Systematic Sales Program, you must:

    • Be willing to make changes in the way you communicate that may cause some discomfort, like picking up the phone instead of drafting another email
    • Forget about winning and losing, and instead focus on ensuring client fit
    • Erase everything you believe about sales: it’s not about unfiltered aggression, nor is it about passive hope for referrals, but it’s somewhere in between
    • Be willing to contribute to a peer group of people motivated to improve themselves and their businesses
    • Prepare to invest at least one hour per week for the duration of the program, and commit to incremental change to get the results you want (sorry, no silver bullets here)

    Expected Results

    Results you can expect to come out of the Systematic Selling program:

    • Level up your client communications, inside and outside of the sales process
    • Have a clear framework for selling your services, from first contact to close
    • Build a sales system that can be taught to others and duplicated
    • Know what to do and say in every common sales situation you face
    • Accelerate your sales process and win more clients

    How Chris closed more deals, faster, and brought more confidence to every client interaction:

    Working with Liston has given me the confidence to change up the sales conversation in a productive way.

    Before working with Liston, we would have many email exchanges with a prospect to line up the proposal meeting. This typically would take 1-3 weeks.

    After changing the narrative we have shortened the sales cycle down and are confirming the proposal meeting in under 5 days. This has resulted in closing deals faster. Looking forward to continuing our relationship with Liston. 

    -Chris Farmand, CEO, Small Batch Standard

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    How It Works

    Systematic Sales is a remote program with five layers of interaction to help you develop the systems and confidence you need.

    The program starts with a goal-setting session so you can prioritize the highest impact areas of the program first. The session is a private call between you and Liston to review your SDS Checklist, pinpointing the most pressing issues you need to address. The session will result in a plan you’ll use for the duration of the program.

    Live on-demand help is given during live, weekly group calls held remotely over Zoom video conferences. These calls are a great place to bring specific questions you have for Liston, or your peer group. Calls are 1-hour and will be recorded and archived so you can reference them later.

    Lifetime access to a growing library of videos, templates, scripts, email sequences, and other useful resources to help you build your own sales process, generate pipeline, and develop the sales skills you need.

    Unlimited Q+A and peer group interaction in a private Slack channel. Only members of the Systematic Selling Accelerator have access to this Slack channel, and it’s a great place to get help, ask questions, or weigh in on big idea discussions in the group.

    Periodic progress calls with Liston to review your progress against your list of priorities, troubleshoot new problems or areas that need to be addressed, and get direct feedback and workshopping of key elements in your business development program.

    If you want to accelerate your progress , then the Plus Program or Program For Firms may be right for you. If you’d like to explore that level of help, book a call with Liston to see which program is best for you.

    Is it right for you?

    Systematic Sales is built for you if you:

    • Sell professional services to SMBs
    • Drive sales with your expertise or productized services
    • Have some inbound leads and pipeline already developed
    • Have a clearly-defined service offering and value proposition
    • Have a sales cycle that take less than 3 months (from the time a lead has identified a clear need and you’ve started your sales process, until a decision is made)
    • Are ready to invest in long-term sales transformation that’ll take 6-12 months

    Systematic Sales is NOT built for:

    • Selling to the government or large enterprise sales with slow cycles
    • Generating sales quickly, out of thin air, with no marketing support or resources
    • Highly transactional products or commodity sales
    • Dialing for dollars or telemarketing

    How we helped Aparna give her team a common process, language, and baseline of sales skills:

    I’ve been an avid podcast listener for a long time. Even so, I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the training.

    I can comfortably say now that the training far exceeded all of my expectations.

    First off, training is typically generic and trainers don’t know much about the companies they work with. We were surprised by how quickly Liston learned about our business, and even made example pitches during training that were better than some of our own employees’ pitches.

    The training was remote, across multiple global teams/multiple time zones; not an easy task to keep everyone attentive and contributing. How Liston was able to engage everyone was absolutely remarkable.

    The tools he used, and how he facilitated the sessions, made the experience as good if not better than in-person classroom training! The sessions were perfectly suited for iterative, adult learning. He is a master at delivery.

    We now have a framework and common language for our services team to sell, and we’ve already referred Liston to other teams within our company, and to coach our team and improve their skills after the initial training.

    Would I recommend Liston? Resounding Yes. He’s given our team structure around sales and sales conversations, and the reviews were excellent. If you want to improve sales and business development and you have the chance to work with him, you should.

    -Aparna Fernandes, VP of Client Strategy, Global IT Company

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