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Practice Makes Better

When I was 8, I learned to type in a summer. It took hundreds of hours but I can type pretty quickly now.

As a kid, I played basketball every day for hours. I grew up in LA where summer days frequently surpass 100 degree Fahrenheit. It was hot, but I got really good at basketball.

As a marketing consultant, I spent thousands of hours writing copy and devising campaigns.

As a musician, I spent thousands of hours making bad, mediocre, and occasionally quite good music.

As a student, I spent thousands of hours studying.

As a sales pro, I’ve spent thousands of hours selling and thinking about selling.

As a business owner, I’ve spent hundreds of hours on LinkedIn this year to boost my profile. I beginning to understand how it works.

It takes time to get better at things. Better comes from practice.

Selling is the direct link between where you are now and revenue, and yet most business owners spend little or no time practicing selling. Most business owners invest little to no time and money in their sellers and consultants becoming better at sales.

It takes time, and it’s worth it. The best time to start is now.