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No Sense In Waiting

Nod along if this sounds familiar.

There's something important to do. You know you have to do it, and it's so important that screwing it up makes you nervous.

Anxiety takes hold.

You…procrastinate! I'm the best at this. Especially when it comes to the biggest, most important things in my life. You can come to my house, but you're not allowed in the basement.

Creating new relationships can feel daunting. There's no telling if the person will reciprocate. Maybe they're too important for you. Maybe you won't be charming enough. Maybe you'll blow it forever.

Counterpoint: not attempting to start the relationship is much worse. This way, you give yourself zero chance of getting to know them. You're certain to fail because you've guaranteed it.

I have a radical solution. Don't wait, just go for it.

You won't have time to procrastinate, you'll learn what works and what doesn't, and you'll have infinitely more chances to strike up meaningful conversations and form new relationships.

The only way to lose is by waiting.