Updated July 23, 2019

What I'm Doing Now

  • Building my sales training and consulting company, Serve Don’t Sell where I help teams improve their selling skills

  • Writing book, Serve Don’t Sell, about my methodology and approach to sales

  • Publishing Modern Sales, a weekly podcast that gives practical advice about how to sell more effectively, and brings interviews with buyers, salespeople, and makers of sales tools

  • Providing business coaching for a select few clients

  • Publishing Offline, a weekly podcast about how I and my good friend Philip Morgan are building our expertise-driven businesses

  • Publishing a weekly article and newsletter called Persistent AF about how to build authority and get noticed in a noisy world

I'm Open To...

As you can see, I’m pretty damn busy, but I’m open to considering more opportunities for:

  • Speaking at Conferences or Corporate Events

  • Being a guest on your podcast

  • Helping non-profit organizations

  • Paid coaching and consulting engagements

  • One-time, paid coaching calls to give you a quick win

If you’re interested on contacting me about any of these opportunities, just shoot me an email at liston@liston.io.

I Must Say No To...

I’d love to help you out, but unfortunately my schedule’s pretty packed. For now at least, I can’t help you with:

  • Free advice or pro-bono work (unless you’re a non-profit)

  • Writing for your publication

  • Partnership opportunities

  • Full-time assistance with anything

I'm Also..

  • Trying out an elimination diet with my wife to see if we’re allergic to anything or have food allergies

  • Lifting weights 5x a week

  • Following Blazers basketball and hoping for a Western Conference Finals appearance

  • Writing for 2 hours every morning, 6x per week

  • Drinking way too much coffee

  • Buying far too many books

  • Living in Portland, OR

*This page is based upon Derek Sivers’ /now page - you should make one too.