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My Full Time Job

I don’t have a job per se.

Well, at least not a singular full time job.

I remember the days when I would show up daily to achieve the goals laid out for me in a job description. In one sense, this felt like a full time in gig in that I had to put in the requisite 40 hours per week and try hard enough to be recognized for my efforts. In another sense, it wasn’t a full time job at all because I thought about and performed my work only insofar as I maintained job security and could increase my responsibility and pay.

I was good at what I did, but I wasn’t necessarily the “rockstar” employee that everyone seeks but few find.

As an entrepreneur – and because of my particular mission – I finally have a full time job. That’s why I think about my work when I’m not working. That’s why I send gifts to clients and partners. That’s why I devote so much of my creative energy to what I do.

I couldn’t boil down any single function to full time work. It all runs together to achieve a greater end: accomplishing a mission to change the way all consultants sell their expertise and improve their client relationships. It’s no small feat, and will require the full time work of me and a small army.

But it’s important. And it’s achievable. And the only way to accomplish such an ambitious goal is to show up, and do it full time.