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Model, Improve, Apply

I was talking to a friend about how a podcast host used upcoming book releases as a trigger to seek out guests. It’s genius. When someone has a book coming out, they’ll likely go on tour to promote the book (assuming they want to sell it). The podcaster scoured Amazon’s upcoming releases section in search of guests for his show.

This particular podcast host – Andrew Warner – has a big following. My friend commented that he’d assumed Andrew just had guests waiting on his doorstep from Day 1.

Of course he didn’t. Before Andrew published a podcast, he wasn’t a podcast host, he was an entrepreneur in between things.

I look up to authors like Ryan Holiday and James Altucher. Before they published a book, they weren’t authors, let alone famous authors. Ryan was a marketer, and James was an entrepreneur.

We all start somewhere, and it’s never at the top. The same is true for the people we look up to. They’re human, like us.

The question is: what can we learn from their stories?

Successful people – however you want to define the word “success” – are models for how to approach these challenges. So model, adapt it to your style, improve, and apply.

The best place to start is wherever you are now.