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Marie Poulin on Productized Services with Notion

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
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About This Talk

This talk is by Marie Poulin and was recorded on September 29, 2020. You can learn more about Marie by:

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0:00 Intro
04:11 Talk Overview
04:45 About Marie
06:00 What Are Productized Services
09:20 Benefits of Productized Services
11:40 Examples of Productized Services

What are productized services?

According to Marie, a productized service is “a systemized, repeatable, done-for-you service with a pre-defined scope and price.”

Traditional services typically include consultations, training, and direct done-for-you labor. But services often get away from you with scope creep, long sales cycles and proposal processes, and client delays. Plus larger projects have more risk for you and for your clients.

Products are well known to you: software, online courses, books and other physical objects are a few products that experts may produce. Products are typically low delivery effort and overhead, and relatively inexpensive to produce, though may be time-consuming to make.

Enter productized services. They balance the best of both products and services: they’re relatively easy to market and sell because they’re well defined, cost less than custom services, and are easy to repeat.

Benefits of Productized Services

Productized services are more standardized and streamlined, which saves you time and helps you drive improvement of your delivery. This helps people understand what you do, and makes it a lot easier for you to sell your services.

Some additional benefits of productized services that Marie gives in the talk:

  • More profitable than custom
  • No more scope creed
  • Reduced questions, back and forth, and negotiation
  • Save time – save SO MUCH time!
  • Way easier for people to purchase
  • More clarity for the client on what they are getting

Examples of Productized Offers

Throughout the talk Marie gave several examples of productized services to help illustrate how they work.

Audience Ops

Brian Casel’s service that creates content for clients at a fixed price and scope. They help with podcasts, writing articles, and writing case studies. The pricing is listed on the website, along with the specifics of how they work and what they deliver.

Kai Davis’s Website X-Ray

Kai helps companies improve their SEO. It starts with a clear process and shows people what they’ll receive from the X-Ray, right in Notion.

Harry Duran’s Fullcast Dojo

Harry’s Fullcast Dojo is a combination of content, community, and coaching. He sells it with a Notion landing page, which he links to his own domain using

Components of Your Productized Offers

Every productized service offer is made up of just five components. They are:

  1. Who this is for
  2. The pain/problem it solves
  3. What it costs
  4. What it takes for you and the client to deliver
  5. What they’ll get

How to Choose Your Productized Service

The first place you might start is to create a productized service based on your sales process. This is often referred to as roadmapping or a diagnostic service. It needs to be strategically aligned with your brand because, by definition, your productized service will be the thing that people remember the most.

How Notion Can Help You Deliver Your Services

Notion is a replacement for other collaboration tools, including todo lists, project management apps, and document collaboration. It allows you to create templates and produce beautiful deliverables quickly and easily. It’s also a single click to share with your clients, which is a whole lot easier than designing a web page for them!

How to Being Your Productized Services Journey

Capture your process. To begin with, capture the process you use to deliver to your clients. Take in-depth notes on the activities that you execute in order to deliver your service. Then create a standardized page in Notion to help you deliver more efficiently, which will become the template you deliver to clients.

Create your offer. Include each of the five components of a productized service listed about, and get specific about the outcome you’ll deliver and what’s included. Name your price, get clear on delivery, and anticipate any challenges that might come up.

Send your offer out. Now it’s time to get your offer in front of people! Add it to your website, send it directly to friends and clients, or send it out to past leads that you lost. There’s no test like seeing if people will pay you money for your offer!