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Listen to Your Gut (Even When It’s Hard)

Listen to Your Gut (Even When It’s Hard)

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read
“How convenient does it prove to be a rational animal, that knows how to find or invent a plausible pretext for whatever it has an inclination so to do.”
Ben Franklin

There’s something telling us to do things in our life. Call it chemicals, call it biology, call it evolution. But there’s something – a voice or God or something – that’s guiding our decisions and our behavior.

Sometimes it’s wise to shut this down. Often, the things we want to impulsively do now aren’t the things that we should do. That’s especially true of our momentary impulses.

Larger decisions often have a “gut” feel to them. You can’t explain it, but something is silently pulling you in a direction, like the moon does the tide. And often not listening to your gut has consequences. Being too rational has a real cost, whether that’s regret or genuinely bad decisions.

Women prefer the scent of men who are more dominant and more symmetrical to the scent of less dominant, less symmetrical men. Imagine the sophistication of your “gut” feel!

Next time you’re not sure what to do on a big decision, listen to your gut. You won’t likely regret it.