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Listen to Be Heard More

A close friend of mine thinks that people just want to be heard. If you really and truly listen to them, and respond authentically, they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

I’d take it a step farther.

We don’t just want to be heard. We want validation.

We want others to validate that they listened. That they understand. That we matter. And, fundamentally, that we exist at some level of significance on this big spinning rock in the endless infinity of outer space.

We want others to validate that we’re real.

As consultants, we help others. But some of us – me included – choose this career so other people can hear us. We like the feedback. We like the validation.

This is a conflict. As consultants, our job is to help others, and if they’re deeply motivated to be heard, we can’t listen while we talk.

Here’s the solution: listen first. It creates the foundation for trust and a reciprocal relationship.

Listen first. Hear your clients. If you do, you’ll be more heard than ever.