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Listen First, Then Decide

When we listen, we gain information we didn’t have before.

When we listen and help guide a conversation to a more productive place, we’re able to learn even more.

Anytime we’re talking to a client, or a potential client, there is something we can learn that would help us better serve them. Eventually, we need to make decisions about exactly howwe’ll serve them to improve their situation.

Without collecting the right information, we won’t make the right decision about how to serve them unless we get lucky.

And that’s exactly what happens when we talk too much. We’re betting our intuition and luck will lead us to the right decision. We take for granted that we already know everything we need to know, when often we don’t.

There’s a better way, and it is listening with intention and attentiveness.

Only after we’ve listened to our client can we make the right recommendations and take the right actions to improve their problems.